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Ear to the Streets: Indian School Road

Listen, we know Indian School offers more than a Saturday afternoon accommodates.

There’s an undeniable mystique residing along the lengths of Indian School Road.

This street provides everything The Deli desires, from bohemian boutiques and organic eateries to comic book shops and quality cannabis dispensaries.

You might even pull up on the local youth participating in a healthy amount of “gang sh*t”. 

phoenix skateboarders

We wanna highlight the dope spots you may not know about. But please, tell us about ones we missed.

There’s always more to discover, even if we drive down the same road hundreds of times. And believe us – we have.

It’s like discovering those sweet uncensored bonus scenes in the depths of your favorite DVD. Probably because your mom didn’t want you hearing “f*ck”. Mom…come on, I’m 23. I can hear some bad words if I fr*cking want to.

Enough chit-chat. Grab yer wagons, we’re headed West for this Journey.

lilac bakery

Lilac Bakery

2747 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016 | Facebook | Instagram

You’re going to need a stimulant to start your day of vagabonding. Our upper of choice? Coffee.

Kick-start your morning with a Nutella Latte from Adar (shhhh, it’s not on the menu), and a pastry made by owner/pastry chef, Lauren Paulsen.

Lilac Bakery prioritizes our community and planet, from your first sip to your last. The to-go cups and bags are biodegradable, and the ingredients are local and organic.

lilac bakery pastries

lilac bakery biodegradable


Can’t hit it this weekend? They’re open Tuesday through Sunday, 7 A.M. to 3 P.M. Tell ‘em The Deli sent ya.


camelback antiques

Camelback Antiques

2230 E Indian School Road, Phoenix AZ 85016 | Facebook | Instagram

“Many people say they drive by every day, and when they finally stop in, they are thrilled,” says Stace Robbins, owner of Camelback Antiques.

Thrilled is an understatement. A cornucopia of ornate furniture, vibrant chandeliers, and other mesmerizing home decor greet you the second you walk through their door. And you can feel history flowing all the way to the back wall of this 7,500 square-foot treasure chest.

More than 50 dealers offer up unique wares, ranging from campaign buttons to James Dean memorabilia. We can’t imagine you’ll storm out empty-handed…we didn’t.

camelback antiques

camelback antiques


The shop is celebrating their one year anniversary this weekend with a store-wide sale. Did we mention the flea market from 8 A.M. – 2 P.M. on Sunday? Catch ya there.


collectors marketplace

Collectors Marketplace

1945 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016 | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

You’ll find more than a little nostalgia when you enter Collectors Marketplace.

The store prides itself on being the Southwest’s largest selection of collectibles, comics, anime and more. It’s truly a monstrosity, filled to the brim with a mix of vintage and modern.

Red, our guide, detailed the building’s history as we clamored over various finds. Red described himself as one of the “peons” at Collectors. We viewed him more as our wise sherpa. Many small businesses occupied this spot since it was built in the 50’s…but none have made an impact like Collectors Marketplace.

collectors marketplace

Deli Collectors Marketplace


Be careful, though. It’s easy to lose track of time peering at figurines and browsing comics. Check out their swap meets every Saturday from 10 A.M. – 4 P.M. 


Heading west, you can’t miss the plethora of murals, scattered along Indian School Rd.


the rhythm room phoenix
Artwork by Curt Kondrat
8th st mural phoenix
Find this second piece at 8th St & Indian School Road.


Did you bring your freshman year Huffy beach cruiser with the flat tire? We’re pulling up on Landis Cyclery (you’ll see the classic signage on the right).


landis cyclery central phoenix
Please do not deface the art. 7th Ave & Indian School Road.


Let’s take a break from the art for a second and pop into Indian School Thrift for some new digs.


Indian School Thrift
27th Ave & Indian School Road.


You could walk out with a lamp.

You might snag a 99 cent tee.

But you won’t know if you don’t go. Back to the art.


31st avenue mural phoenix
31st Ave & Indian school Road.
The Deli seeks to showcase Phoenix’s amazing artists. Please send us any information you may have on the above pieces so we may provide credit. 

herbal wellness center diamond dust

Herbal Wellness Center

4126 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85019 | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Our expedition out west ends here. Herbal Wellness Center’s (HWC) got you covered for your high-caliber cannabis needs.

HWC is smooth and efficient, and the flower is next-level. But what truly makes a dispensary stand out from the crowd are the people inside, running the show.

We couldn’t be more fortunate to have met our patient service consultant, Carl “Like Carl’s Jr.” as he put it. Carl darted back and forth, making sure our patient intake forms were in order. Carl suggested the best in-house strains to suit our preferences. Carl treated us right.

To be frank, Carl and the team at HWC truly are the plug. 10/10 would recommend the Gelato and Diamond Dust. Peep for yourselves. 

herbal wellness center diamond dust
Diamond Dust


Have questions about getting your MMJ card? ASK! 


chicago hamburger co phoenix

Chicago Hamburger Company

3749 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018 | Facebook

The day ain’t over yet, though. Flip the whip. We’re moving East.

If you hit HWC, you may or may not encounter what cannabis enthusiasts refer to as the “munchies.”

This is the spot that cures your hunger, and then some. Pick between the Windy City Sliders, Italian Beef, or snag a milkshake (all three flavors if you’re a big body).  

chicago hamburger co phoenix

chicago hamburger co phoenix


Get lost in the walls of this joint while you grub. Take a picture with Brian Urlacher’s Fathead. It doesn’t matter, if you smell like us (beef) – you belong here.



The Rebel Lounge

2303 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016 | Facebook | Instagram

We round out our Indian School escapades at The Rebel Lounge. This place was built on modern rock n’ roll vibes. Catch local acts, or shoot back to your teendom with events spanning from Emo Night to 90s House Party (which you can catch this weekend).


Check out this weekend’s shows here.


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