Pulp Magazines is Gonna Get You Reading Again

Pulp Magazines

A new Arizona magazine shop opened around the corner from Tempe’s Cartel Coffee Lab.

That’s right. Magazines aren’t just for the check-out aisle.

Publishers spanning the globe, from Tokyo to Barcelona, are producing stunning content on a spectrum of industries.

There is a carefully-curated magazine to suit every art fiend’s dreams, from architecture and product engineering to interior design and streetwear fashion.

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And now – you can shop some of the world’s premier prints at the newly-opened Pulp Magazines.

Pulp was founded by two partners who sought to put people onto foreign, niche, and hard-to-find magazines. Or as we like to call it at The Deli – cool shit.

But unlike the lurid tabloids found amongst the winterfresh gum and assorted lip balms, these magazines are all one thing: timeless.

“We want to carry stuff that doesn’t go out of date, bringing in [magazines] that no store in Arizona has.” one founder says, just minutes before the shop’s public grand opening on Saturday 3/31.

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Pulp’s shelves house an array of publications, both new and old. You’ll find stand-by staples of any magazine collector’s stash, like Berlin’s 032C, to collectibles like Nigo’s “A Bathing Ape” and a Supreme Rizzoli hardcover for the stanniest of stans. Mind your grubby fingers, though…these are in the private not-for-sale section.

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We swung by to chop it up. Here’s a piece of our conversation:

What are three publications that inspired the creation of Pulp Magazines?
Victory Journal, Apartamento and Popeye Magazine

Do you hope to expand the shop?
Definitely. We are carrying half the amount of stuff we want to. We want to increase in other categories like architecture and design as well as collectible items and clothing like capsule releases from other brands that also put out mags.

Has a specific article/magazine ever lead you to do something you never thought of doing?
Of course. That’s why we read right? Discovering places to travel is an obvious one, but a lot of artists and people [are] doing things, [and it] shows you it’s possible to do them yourself.

Was there a need for a shop like this, or did you create it without seeing much of a market?
With all things, the best ideas tend to come when you have a problem or need, yourself, and can’t find anyone or place that solves it. Pulp was born more so out of passion but definitely partly out of need. I don’t think you get into specialty mags for the money, let’s put it that way.

Have you created a publication of your own?
Not yet, creating your own publication takes such a tremendous amount of work as you, at The Deli, know. We have big respect for the publications we carry for this reason, and want to put people on to their hard work.

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We even grabbed some reading material for ourselves.

Magazine B from Seoul, Korea follows a singular iconic brand in each issue. Our choice? Pantone. The magazine catalogues the history of the famous color-coding firm, and how their products are used by an array of businesses and entrepreneurs.

The 33rd issue of 032C, featuring the elusive Frank Ocean, also caught our eye. 032C strives to blend high fashion ads with stories and photos of Germany’s underbelly within its 290 pages.

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There ya have it. Pop into Pulp Magazines Fridays 12-4pm and Saturdays 11am to 4pm.
You can find Pulp Magazines on Instagram or in person at 225 W. University Dr. #108, Tempe, Az. 

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