Arizona Cannabis

Stunning Arizona Cannabis Brands

Sophisticated. Innovative. Refined. Words often used in chatter surrounding today’s major brands.

But to describe marijuana? Not so much.

Two Arizona cannabis brands are leading the push through the Devil’s lettuce, Reefer Madness stigmas of yore, proving that the potent plant can be both professional and pretty.

Timeless Vapes

Timeless Vapes have cemented themselves as the premier distillate vape cartridges in The Valley. There’s a reason the pens fly off Arizona dispensary shelves. They provide an unparalleled medicating experience.


Timeless Shoulder Bag and Vape
Timeless shoulder bag


Timeless’ barrel tip cartridges rip. Like…seriously take it easy at first, folks, or you’re gonna be stoney-baloney for a hot minute. It’ll be a hot, euphoric minute, though…so puff to your heart’s content. We can’t stop ya.

Not only are the pens smoother than room temp butter on a steamy dinner roll. They come in a grip of tasty flavors, as well – each equipped with a unique arsenal of effects. Here’s a rundown of our favorites:

  • Looking for something to wake your lazy ass up? Lemon Faderade’s like an espresso shot to the dome. It’s sweet sativa palette makes you forget you’re toking…until that THC (quickly) kicks in.
  • Looking to be a lazy ass? Banana Kush will have you shtuck to the couch like a week-old Cheez-It. This indica is recommended after longer-than-necessary work meetings and getting sucked into that late-night YouTube wormhole.
  • For all the moments in between? Gelato is our go-to daily driver (not just because HoodRich Pablo Juan endorses it). It tows the impressive line between tranquil relaxation and titillation of your brain’s right hemisphere. We can’t recommend it enough.



Industry-leading cartridges and a load of strains for every taste. What rounds out the Timeless trifecta? A solid foundation built on street sense with a pinch sly sarcasm.

The Arizona cannabis brand has teamed-up with some of our favorite Phoenix artists, like Joshua Rhodes and The Fortoul Brothers. They’ve partnered with 2 Chainz for this lil pink puffer.




This Friday 4/20, Timeless and Broken Lizard are dropping three exclusive flavors for the long-awaited return of Super Troopers.

To sum it up; Timeless is just that. We’re elated we can call ‘em one of Arizona’s own.


Sunday Goods

Quality cannabis doesn’t come in a plastic baggie. It doesn’t have to be painted in red, yellow, and green. And it doesn’t need to blast your eardrums with reggae while permeating your clothes with Nag Champa.

Sunday Goods proves this.


Sunday Goods 5 pack of one gram pre rolled cones
Some Sunday shticks



The Arizona cannabis grower, distributor, and delivery service cultivates an inviting yet mystifying aura around marijuana. It attracts a spectrum of patients, from hesitant novices to iron-lunged vets. And they do it without sacrificing strength in their brand.

We are suckers for minimalism, and Sunday Goods simply nails it. Their site gives us the tingles in a funny place, to put it bluntly. Cheeky verbiage encapsulate their playful, but helpful, tone. Calming pastels contrast their signature blue and gold. Carefully-curated typefaces and stylized icons pop off the white canvas. It’s clean as fuck, guys.

OK – enough geekin’. Fonts and UX are sexy, but how does it smoke?

Short answer, exceptionally.


Frost Boss Sunday Goods
Da Frost Boss


Frost Boss may sound like a Batman villain. But in all honesty – it helps us defeat our most-menacing enemies: pesky back-pain, 6:00pm lethargy…and Mondays.


Cookies Sunday Goods
! COOKIES ! *very Migos ad-lib voice*


Ahhh a classic. Migos’ tracks are littered with Cookies ad-libs, but we’ll tell ya they aren’t referencing soft-baked Chips Ahoy! A popular indica-dominant hybrid, lauded for a wave of full-body relaxation and a surge of cerebral effervescence.


Tina Danza Sunday Goods
Tina Danza


Y’all wanna know who the boss really is? Tina Danza, Tony’s stoner sister. If you’re nervous about mixing sativas and anxiety, rest assured – Tina is here to treat ya nice. She provides a flash of creativity, without questioning our existence through every second of this immaculate high.

Sunday Goods’ flower thrives under the unrelenting Arizona sun. The fragrant, emerald sea resides in a refurbished Willcox greenhouse, where Sjoerd Broeks and team lovingly tend to the precious buds.



Modern cannaseurs might argue exceptional cannabis is grown in retrofitted warehouses, pumped with who-knows-what, and baked under an artificial glow. Sure – wonderful weed can thrive in these environments.

But Sunday Goods is digging back to the roots. Growing plants like plants. With soil, water, and Vitamin D. And they’re doing a damn impressive job at it.

Need to unwind tonight? Timeless and Sunday Goods are throwing a 4/20 shindig TONIGHT – for cardholders and non-patients alike.


Timeless x Sunday Goods 2018 4/20 Super Troopers Gala


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