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What is The Deli?

A few of y’all have been with The Deli from its inception.

Some of y’all just hopped aboard the train.

Most of y’all are probably wondering what the hell we’re all about.

It’s quite simple, you see.

The Deli Reading

Our name isn’t an homage to our love for artisanal meats and cheeses.

It stems from the essence of a classic community delicatessen. It’s a place where patrons congregate to shoot the shit about neighborhood happenings.

“Ya here about that new BBQ joint Pete just opened across from the barber shop?”

“That dude with the purple Skrillex hair is showing off his finger paintings at the coffee shop this Saturday.”

“Wanna scoop a few grams of the Purple Pickle Kush after work? Heard one puff will have you smelling sounds, bruh.”

Y’know…chit chat with a sprinkle of substance. Value.

We wanted to turn that idea up a notch, while keeping it in our (scorching-hot) Phoenix, Arizona backyards.

Peggy Gou Barsmith Phoenix

The Deli is an online publication covering Arizona’s blossoming art, music, culinary, fashion and cannabis industries.

We don’t use c-words at The Deli. But a certain Migos album comes to mind.

There’s an abundance of rad people doing cool things in Arizona at the moment:

Artists curating intimate exhibits across The Valley, pushing the boundaries of creative expression in a multitude of mediums.

Local bands throwing packed house parties, and underground techno DJ’s raving ‘til the sun comes up.

Chefs whipping-up delectable creations, ensuring you never gotta lunch at Chipotle ever again.

Sewers and screen-printers crafting garments to show LA, “yeah we can do it do,
beeyotch.” And at 10º hotter.

– Sticky buds for any stoner’s palate, sprouting up at both dispensaries and caregiver networks.

Arizona’s built itself on a strong 105-year foundation, but we’re infants compared to our United siblings.

Let’s show ‘em we’re grander than just some cacti in a giant canyon, wilder than just getting shit-canned at a golf course once a year, and home to more than just a few Canadians escaping the frost.

We were born here. We grew up here. We love it here. And we hope y’all do, too.

See ya next week.

Tribute to Margaret Kilgallen by Carrie Marill
Tribute to Margaret Kilgallen by Carrie Marill

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