Stoneypie Syncs House & PC Music for an All-Night Bash


Prepare for a night of hackin’ and jackin’ in the heart of Phoenix, Saturday June 30th.

Stoneypie – avid digger, relentless performer and human advocate – linked with Repose for a sweaty, underground, House & PC Music love function:

Repose b2b Retnuh
Stoneypie b2b Le Idiom
Dungeon Destroyah
Paul West

This one’s gonna fry your circuits, kiddos.

Lace up your rug-cutters and pause your ad-blockers – we’re dancing deep into the Dark Net until the sun peeks through the blinds. Or the Mountain Dew Code Red wears off. Right… 😉

Stoneypie and Repose both graciously wired lil teaser mixes to The Deli.

They’ll get your mind right for this sexy night. Listen now:


“We honestly wanted to showcase two specific genres, and provide a space for everyone to have a good time until sunrise. No other motives, just a little fun and proper music for everyone” – Stoneypie <3


PC HOUSE 9000 Flyer


And don’t forget to stay hydrated, loves. Just don’t spill on the hardware.

Ping us on Instagram for the address.


~*~*Xx TH3 D3L1 xX*~*~