[DELI 002] Who ordered the chopped cheese?

1. Cardinals / Vatican II – Gasol
2. De Rodillas en el Altar – Los Esplifs 
3. I Can’t Die – Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra
4. Time Waits for No One – Lonna Kelley
5. Reunion – Meet the Sun 
6. Only Best – Dovi
7. kollcē° – seng°
8. Satellites – Atreetalking
9. Avant Gauze – Timmy Rotary’s Godstar 
10. Angel’s Wings – Colonel Pepper

Artwork by b bohannon

[PRIME CUTS] Ep 1: Cocoe & Grand Avenue Records

The Deli swings by Grand Avenue Records to visit Cocoe for the first iteration of our ‘PRIME CUTS’ series. He lays it down about growing up in Southern California, moving to Phoenix, and opening the record shop on historic Grand Ave.

The ‘PRIME CUTS’ series is our dive into Arizona’s gems — small businesses, mom & pop shops, galleries, eateries, and the people who make them special.

Directed & Edited by: Lucas O.M.
INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/lucasochs_/
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ04Us9p5p56tJ0bFmBPTeQ

Stoneypie Syncs House & PC Music for an All-Night Bash

Prepare for a night of hackin’ and jackin’ in the heart of Phoenix, Saturday June 30th.

Stoneypie – avid digger, relentless performer and human advocate – linked with Repose for a sweaty, underground, House & PC Music love function:

Repose b2b Retnuh
Stoneypie b2b Le Idiom
Dungeon Destroyah
Paul West

This one’s gonna fry your circuits, kiddos.

Lace up your rug-cutters and pause your ad-blockers – we’re dancing deep into the Dark Net until the sun peeks through the blinds. Or the Mountain Dew Code Red wears off. Right… 😉

Stoneypie and Repose both graciously wired lil teaser mixes to The Deli.

They’ll get your mind right for this sexy night. Listen now:




“We honestly wanted to showcase two specific genres, and provide a space for everyone to have a good time until sunrise. No other motives, just a little fun and proper music for everyone” – Stoneypie <3


PC HOUSE 9000 Flyer


And don’t forget to stay hydrated, loves. Just don’t spill on the hardware.

Ping us on Instagram for the address.


~*~*Xx TH3 D3L1 xX*~*~